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Friday, October 14th, 2011 10:36 pm
  • Пт, 01:09: RT @Janet_Davis: Library budget proposes cutting almost 20,000 hrs,closing 8 branches on Sunday & 106,000 books.These are service cuts. ...
  • Пт, 01:09: RT @AdamCF: Remember when Rob Ford told @cselley that closing even one library on a Sunday would be a "major service cut"? ...
  • Пт, 12:55: RT @goldsbie: At the Empire Club lunch, Mark @Towhey and @DenzilMW are sharing a table with lobbyists from the Sussex Strategy Group: ht ...
  • Пт, 12:55: RT @goldsbie: Given that Sussex typically purchases whole tables at these sorts of things, it's reasonable to ask who paid for Towhey's ...
  • Пт, 13:03: RT @TOMayorFord: Rebuilding our Fiscal Foundation - Empire Club of Canada Speech #Toronto #TOpoli
  • Пт, 13:04: Since when did TO have a debt ceiling? The city can't borrow to cover operating costs but when did capital borrowing get capped? #TOpoli
  • Пт, 13:06: Rob Ford: "Today, this deficit threatens the very foundation of our city." Things to think about before you cut taxes, Rob. #TOpoli
  • Пт, 13:08: @shelleycarroll The Mayor is telling the Empire Club TO has a debt ceiling for capital borrowing. Is this accurate?
  • Пт, 13:09: Ford: "Our deficit increases each year because our expenses grow faster than our revenues." Things to think about before you cut taxes, Rob.
  • Пт, 13:09: RT @jkozuch: In which Mayor Ford uses the word "taxpayer" 9 times; "taxpayers" 6 times; "resident" once; "citizen" 0. ...
  • Пт, 13:15: Oh, good. Rob Ford has a plan to save Toronto for structural deficit: Is it too late to move to Montreal? #TOpoli
  • Пт, 13:17: I'm at the point in Ford's speech where he's laying out his plan to fix TO's deficit. I'm betting on massive privatization. Who's with me?
  • Пт, 13:18: Ford: the purpose of the Core Service Review was not to balance the 2012 budget but find permanent savings. #TOpoli #doublespeak #doublefail
  • Пт, 13:22: RT @goldsbie: You can learn a lot about a person by the way they deviate from a script. Ford takes it upon himself to punctuate sentence ...
  • Пт, 13:25: Shorter version of @TOMayorFord's speech - - 'I will turn Toronto into Florida' - #TOpoli
  • Пт, 13:26: RT @goldsbie: Property taxes outpaced inflation for ten years, Ford says. Not mentioned: this was due to the rates having been frozen in ...
  • Пт, 13:27: RT @kjrose: First thought after reading Ford's speech. Doesn't he know that tax revenues will match inflationary pressures exactly witho ...
  • Пт, 13:27: Oh goody. I was worried: RT @marcusbgee 'We're taking action' on the budget and 'I'm damned serious about it,' says an emphatic Mayor Ford.
  • Пт, 13:34: RT @ivanvector: Ford now says Core Service Review, which failed to find gravy, wasn't meant to find gravy. Also we were always at war wi ...
  • Пт, 13:35: RT @joshuahind: Did Rob Ford mention that in Ford Math it takes roughly 67 taxpayers to pay his fuckin' salary? I guess he forgot that p ...


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