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Life on Queen Street

under the oak trees by the lake

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One more unpublished novelist stuck in a crappy day job, fighting her way through the villains and idiots of the world nothing but a notebook full of unfinished poems and an attitude.

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aikido, aliens, amanda tapping, annie dillard, archery, atonement, augustine, avatar, batman, being right, bigby wolf, black widow, bucky barnes, buddhism, bushido, canada, canadian hockey, canadian politics, captain america, castles, catholicism, cats, cello, chivalry, classical music, coffee, comic books, contemporary philosophy, definitely, doctor who, dragons, dublin, dwayne hicks, eleanor of aquitaine, ellen ripley, empiricism, existentialism, fables, farscape, feminism, fencing, fighting ruthless pragmatism, gilmore girls, girls who kick ass, grunge, gwen cooper, han solo, helen magnus, history, horses, ian mcewan, imagine me and you, ireland, jack harkness, james cameron, jessica jones, karl urban, kathleen edwards, keira knightley, kill bill, king arthur, kingdom of heaven, kristen bell, lena headey, liberal democracy, liberal socialism, lilo&stitch, lone wolf and cub, lord of the rings, lucinda williams, luke cage, maple leaf hockey, margaret macmillan, medieval europe, michael biehn, miyazaki, nominalism, novel writing, old school comics, oppressing people, original flavour x-men, paris, philosophy, poetry, politics, princess mononoke, quentin tarantino movies, rationalism, riddick, robin hood, rome, rose tyler, russell crowe, samantha carter, samurai, sanctuary, sarah connor, scifi movies, scotland, screenwriting, shakespeare, sigourney weaver, slings and arrows, snow white, spirited away, stargate, stargate sg-1, strangers in paradise, surfing, swimming, swords, tarzan, terminator: the sarah connor chronicles, terry moore, the killers, the sarah connor chronicles, the terminator, the toronto rock, thomas aquinas, torchwood, travelling, ucd, university college dublin, veronica mars, werewolves, wolfsbane, wolves, world domination, x-force, yes i suppose i should have some interes
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