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October 6th, 2011

lifeonqueen: (Default)
Thursday, October 6th, 2011 10:36 am
  • Ср, 11:46: Newly obsolete (and discounted) iPhone 4 or shiny new (expensive) iPhone 4s? Decisions, decisions.
  • Ср, 11:57: Bingo: RT @cinn48: @common_st @lifeonqueen That's why none of these networks have actual value, it's the users, not the software.
  • Ср, 11:59: Have discovered the problem with designing a SM marketing plan is developing a process that will be adaptable to the Next Big Shiny Thing.
  • Ср, 12:00: Everyone else in SM has probably already figured this out. Ironically, the #FieryRobotDeath workplace is adamantly analog not digital.
  • Ср, 12:03: #cdnpoli RT @RosieBarton Crazy question: how does a govt making 4 billion dollars in cuts this year build a new bridge in Montreal? #hw
  • Ср, 12:23: Show me one project, any project where 3P has actually resulted in "no additional cost to taxpayers": #cdnpoli
  • Ср, 12:27: Not even the Conference Board of CDA rpt commissioned to sell 3P to govts could find a "no additional cost" 3P project:
  • Ср, 12:31: What Harper's actually proposing is pay for a new bridge & sell the right to collect tolls to the private sector. That's not a win for CDNs.
  • Ср, 12:34: Haven't seen anything yet: RT @aeleitch Is anything Harper directly proposes _ever_ a win for CDNs? LINKS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN.
  • Ср, 12:47: Michael Lewis, "California and Bust": surprisingly, California's troubles aren't all Schwarzenegger's fault -
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